Twilight Breaking Dawn Kristen Stewart’s Wedding Photo Still With Parents

Summit Entertainment has just released a new photo of Bella with her mom and dad on her big day. It is another look we get to see from Breaking Dawn Part 1. The movie will premiere on November 18th in the US. Kristen Stewart has stated before that the wedding scenes were emotional to film, but she also admitted that loved playing the bride. So far, we have not seen the actual photo of her wedding dress, which Kristen also stated that was so important that she had to keep being on the down low about it. The first half of the movie will focus on the happy couple, the wedding and the honeymoon. The second half that opens in 2012 will focus more on the drama of their lives after getting pregnant. Kristen and Robert Pattinson both have opened up about the wedding and honeymoon, but both have admitted that they cannot share much information. The newest photo does give us a look at the wedding without giving away anything. I cannot wait for the movie to come out. I know it will be amazing just as all the previous films were. I have a feeling that the wedding scene will be a tearjerker for those super fans like myself. We have all waited for the big moment of their romance. It will be bittersweet for so many. 

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